ND โ€” Free Non-Destructive Modelling Blender Addon (v1.35.0)

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ND โ€” Free Non-Destructive Modelling Blender Addon (v1.35.0)

206 ratings

๐Ÿงฑ What is ND?

ND (short for non-destructive) is a Blender addon that provides many workflow enhancements, tools, operations, and generators tailored specifically for non-destructive 3D modelling.

This approach is useful for many types of modelling needs, particularly hard-surface forms, while being able to quickly adjust parameters without the need for manual poly-modelling. ND modelling makes extensive use of modifiers to enable this flexible workflow.

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ND is built around 3 core areas: Sketching, Power Modifiers, and Generators. Sketching is all about drawing out 2D planar surfaces which will later be extruded/solidified or otherwise modified to create 3D geometry. Power Modifiers are interactive wrappers built around Blender's vanilla modifiers, which are tailored specifically for non-destructive modelling. Finally, Generators are special tools that use stacks of different modifiers and fundamental geometry to create common hard surface assets and details.

๐Ÿ“œ Docs, Updates & Support

Check out the written documentation, or if you prefer, check out our YouTube channel.

If you encounter a bug, want to send through a feature request, have feedback, or otherwise generally need support, you can get in touch on our Discord server, or via email.

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