Vale — 3D Stylized Rocks: for game environments, renders, film, TV, and more.

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Vale Stylized Rocks is a collection of 18 rocks with hand-sculpted details and a painterly aesthetic perfect for stylized scenes or game environments.


This pack includes 18 rock models ready to be used in a stylised environment, render, animation, film, etc. Each rock has a texture with a texel density of ~10.24px/cm, perfect for up-close shots or cameras. Additional texture sets that provide 5.12 and 2.56 texel densities are included for when the rocks will be used such that they remain a medium or large distance away from the camera.

Technical details

Number of textures: 18

Texture dimensions: 4K for the large rocks, 4x2K (non-square) for the medium rocks, and 1K for the small rocks. This base texture set is designed for first-person games requiring a minimum ~10.24px/cm texel density. A 5.12 (half-size) and 2.56 (quarter-size) texel density set is also included.

Number of meshes: 18

LOD information: Each rock has 4 LODs, with tri counts ranging from 2k to 200 (large rocks), 1.1k to 280 (medium rocks), and 360 to 40 (small rocks). LOD0 has a purposefully higher tri-count to support up-close cameras with no noticeable lack of visual fidelity; however, you can instead opt to use LOD1 as LOD0, resulting in each rock having 3 LODs.

Materials: PBR with albedo, mixmap (ambient occlusion, roughness, metalness), and normal.

Preview of the albedo, mix, and normal maps for rock 01.


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Last updated Mar 7, 2024

You'll get the high and low poly models, all UV unwrapped, as well as the accompanying textures.

4 + Source High Poly
Material Type
PBR Mixmap (Albedo, AO, Metalness, Roughness, Normals)
Texel Densities
~10.24, ~5.12, and ~2.56
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Vale — 3D Stylized Rocks: for game environments, renders, film, TV, and more.

0 ratings
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